Heidelberg, Germany – Officers’ Club Dining Room


Designer for complete renovation of 300-person dining room at the Officers Club, Heidelberg, Germany. Club supported the U.S. Army Europe Headquarters and staff. The dining room redesign included every aspect -from lighting, wall covering, paints, window treatments, carpeting, furnishings, moveable walls, and china to silverware. Close coordination with local (German) engineers and craftsmen was required during renovation and installation phases. Sources included suppliers in England, continental Europe, and the United States. Schedule and coordination were demanding and challenging to successfully meet established grand opening date.

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Ft. Belvoir, Virginia


Senior Officers Quarters – Developed the design for renovation of kitchens in 80 sets of senior officer’s quarters at Ft. Belvoir, Virginia. The quarters were built in the 1930s and the kitchens had not been upgraded in 20 years. The design exploited modern appliances and the improved efficiencies provided by high quality cabinetry.

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National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), Washington, D.C.


Furnish National Headquarters – Interior designer and space planner for the six story NAB Headquarters building located on Connecticut Avenue, in Washington, D.C. The final design incorporated extensive use of systems furniture (80 workstations) as well as furnishings for senior executive offices. Very high-end Board of Directors conference facilities were planned and furnished. Ms. Higgins provided direct supervision of interior renovations (wall removal/relocations, office construction) and installation of systems furniture. The project was accomplished in phases to allow continued operations during installation/renovation.

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U.S. Air Force, Europe, Housing Directorate


BEQ/BOQ Furnishings – Provided interior design support to contractor furnishing enlisted and officer billets command-wide. Assistance required site visits, space analysis, and selection of items to install in a wide variety of existing billets. Emphasis was on effective use of space, functionality, durability, and appearance. Program ran over 24-month period.

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U.S. Army Club and Community Management Directorate, Far East


Militarv Club Interior Design. Korea and Japan – Developed designs for seven clubs in Korea and two clubs in Japan. These projects involved complete rehabilitation of a wide variety of structures ranging from 30-year-old Quonset buildings to relatively new modern permanent hospitality facilities. Responsibilities included design, sources development, negotiations with local contractors and procurement actions with vendors in the CONUS and throughout the Far East.

Hartell House. CinC’s Mess. U.S. Forces, Korea – Designed and implemented major expansion of the CinC’s mess in Seoul, Korea. Work included the construction of a 30-person theater with special sound enhancing systems and materials. All the public spaces ( dining room, reception area, and lounge) were refurbished and equipped with new furnishings. This effort required close coordination with the Commanders Staff, as well as the Public Works Office, to insure timely completion of the work and compliance with applicable codes.

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Walter Reed Army Medical Center


Furnish Several Conference Rooms – Provided design theme for the upgrade of several specialty clinic conference rooms. Procured and supervised installation of furnishings.

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