Militarv Club Interior Design. Korea and Japan – Developed designs for seven clubs in Korea and two clubs in Japan. These projects involved complete rehabilitation of a wide variety of structures ranging from 30-year-old Quonset buildings to relatively new modern permanent hospitality facilities. Responsibilities included design, sources development, negotiations with local contractors and procurement actions with vendors in the CONUS and throughout the Far East.

Hartell House. CinC’s Mess. U.S. Forces, Korea – Designed and implemented major expansion of the CinC’s mess in Seoul, Korea. Work included the construction of a 30-person theater with special sound enhancing systems and materials. All the public spaces ( dining room, reception area, and lounge) were refurbished and equipped with new furnishings. This effort required close coordination with the Commanders Staff, as well as the Public Works Office, to insure timely completion of the work and compliance with applicable codes.