Palace in Oman


Meeting Rooms – This was a most interesting project as it involved working with plans and specifications in both metric and English units, then designing window treatments and selecting furnishings for the palace without a site visit. Many of the selected furnishings were manufactured in Europe. Inside Out Interiors coordinated all aspects of the shipping and delivery of the materials.

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U.S. Ambassador’s Residence. Seoul Korea


Public Spaces – Provided design recommendations and guidance for arrangement of public/entertainment spaces in the Residence. Structure embraced traditional Korean architecture and presented the interior design challenge of blending East with West styles. Coordinated design concepts with renowned Korean designers to assist in integration of two culture furnishings.

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USS Theodore Roosevelt


Flag Officer’s Wardroom – Obtain furnishings, select fabrics and finishes to refit the Admiral’s wardroom aboard the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt. The project faced some extraordinary challenges—like the very constrained passageways and even narrower watertight doors below decks. The project was completed and the wardroom was the best furnished in the entire fleet.

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